Credit Rebuilding Program

This program explicitly applies to our clients that have a bad or challenged credit situation.

For example:

  • If you are going through bankruptcy, or a consumer proposal
  • You have a history of delinquent trades on your credit report such as unpaid or collection amounts, etc
  • Either have no history of credit in Canada, or don't know how to go about improving your score

This program is especially built for you, if you have the willingness to be viewed as a credit-worthy borrower by all the banks and private lenders in Canada. Do not hesitate to ask to be enrolled into credit rebuilding, our program guarantees favourable loan terms for you. It is a non-discriminatory program and will improve the way the banks are lending you to buy the car you most dream of owning.

We ensure the resources provided in these consultations are backed by Canadian standards of lending and borrowing to improve your credit score.